Vattavada, a serene village in Munnar is known for its verdant hills and lush green farms. It gives an enchanting view when the sun casts its rays on this serene hill station which will leave everyone speechless. The quaint hill station wakes up to the routine sights of agricultural families working hard on their lands producing some of the finest toxic-free, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Just like the farmers, one such individual works tirelessly in these farmlands but in a different manner. In this blog, I would like to introduce our readers to Sachin, one of the team members of Farmers Fresh Zone. Giving a brief about his background, Sachin was born in Kollam district and completed his studies from the College of Agriculture in Vellayani, Trivandrum.

Sachin’s work has brought an immense impact on the farmer’s lives in Vattavada. He has been responsible for educating more than a hundred farmers to encourage them to use the best farming practices so they would get better prices for their yield. With his expertise, Sachin has implemented the Fixed Price Model which guarantees a fixed price for the farmers and also in production plan to help the farmers in getting profit according to the demand in the market. With this model, the farmers are happy and more farmers around the region are willing to get associated with the model.

Sachin(left) with one of the farmers in Vattavada

That’s an inspiring journey of Sachin since the time he had joined the company. All the team members of Farmers Fresh Zone wishes Sachin many such inspiring journeys in his career. Some months back, the team members of Farmers Fresh Zone had visited the serene village of Vattavada. To reach one of our farmer’s land (K Pandian), they had to traverse through offbeat paths. One has to walk by foot from Koviloor to reach the top. The journey to the top was memorable as well as exhausting as it was a long way to reach and the weather was a major spoilsport. After a couple of hours of walk, the team members finally reached the top and were greeted by a smiling Pandian, the farmer with oranges freshly plucked from his farm.

One has to visit Vattavada, to get this wholesome experience. The serene agricultural village lies on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border. The place is about 45 km from Munnar and travelers visiting Vattavada should register at the check post and entry after 5 in the evening is prohibited. So make sure you enter the village before 5 in the evening to get the best experience.