If you are one of the many who find it rather difficult to incorporate fresh vegetables into your three-meals-a-day diet, then you are in luck! Well, everybody knows the fact that it's important to include vegetables in your diet mostly because they contain essential nutrients that are important for our survival, functioning & well-being. But the cons of being in a fast-paced world are that you might end up missing out on proper nourishment & be rather focused on riding the fast lane like million other people like you. It all comes down to one fundamental question “If you don’t take care of your health, who will?” - vegetables will!

If you find cooking, prepping & picking the right vegetables for you to be a task we are here to help. The good news is that most of the vegetables lose their nutrients after being cooked & this is a good thing. If you don’t have time to cook, simply blend in raw vegetables, strain out the nasty stuff & bottle it up only to nourish yourself on the go in this fast-paced world. Vegetable juices are the perfect remedy to an ill-nourished & lazy individual. We have done our research & come up with a list of vegetable juice recipes & their advantages so that you can have the energy to pierce through the hustle & bustle.

Is it healthy to drink vegetable juice every day?
If you don’t have time to cook or if your schedule doesn’t permit you enough time to prepare a healthy meal for you, vegetable juices can help you nourish yourself. Vegetable juices provide a concentrated dose of antioxidants, vitamins & a long list of essential nutrients. Relying only on vegetable juice for your nourishment can prove to be an unhealthy practice, we recommend mixing things up & using vegetable juice as a supplement rather than a meal.

Vegetable juice for weight loss

High-fiber vegetables like Celery, Pomegranate, Spinach, Kale, Carrots & Beetroot are the perfect ingredients for a weight-loss juice recipe. These ingredients contain a diverse nutrient profile that nourishes your body & makes you feel full for longer as well. Mix & match the ingredients, blend it into concentrated healthy juice & gulp it down to shed some weight in a healthy way. In case the taste doesn’t appeal you add a pinch of black salt & squeeze in some lemon juice, you will end up loving your weight loss vegetable juice recipe for sure!

Vegetable juice for glowing skin

Healthy skin is a result of a healthy diet, sure your skin care routine definitely helps but nourishment from within is the true secret for radiant younger-looking skin. Fresh ingredients like Cucumber, Spinach, Carrot, Beetroot, Tomato, Mint, Lemon & Ginger are some of the readily available options that you can blend into a healthy juice that will make your skin glow from within.

Vegetable juice for digestion

Digestive problems are one of the most common ailments thanks to processed foods, junk foods & an unhealthy lifestyle. We do recommend consulting a doctor in case you face any health issues but there are some healthy vegetable juice recipes that help in relieving & preventing digestive issues. Fresh ingredients like ginger, turmeric, cucumber, celery, mint leaves, lemon juice, and Zucchini are readily available ingredients that can relieve & prevent digestive issues.

If you love vegetables or even if you don’t, adding vegetable juice to your diet can help you nourish your body on the go. It’s less time-consuming, easy to prepare & takes almost no effort. So don’t make any excuses. If you end up confused, looking for fresh vegetables we’re making your life easier & better, simple tap here to get freshly harvested local vegetables to your doorstep!

We have made it super easy to take care of yourself or like the saying goes “'You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink'’, don’t be that horse😉