Bangalore based clean-tech start-up Carbon Masters and Kerala based Agritec start-up Farmers Fresh Zone are joining hands to help Kerala farmers improve their soil fertility and grow healthier food.

Farmers Fresh Zone, a multichannel market place platform bridges the gap between rural farmers and urban customers to provide healthy toxic-free vegetables and fruits directly from the farms to consumer tables. Farmer Fresh Zone’s unique model encourages farmers to use the latest technologies so that the farmers could adopt the best farming practices and reward them with better price, while the consumers get complete transparency and information about the farmers who are producing the vegetables and fruits.

Carbon Masters producers of Carbonlitesbio- enriched organic manure a bi-product of their bio Cng energy plants will work with Farmers Fresh Zone’s farmers to build their awareness of the need to return more organic manure to their soils and increase its carbon content.

“Indian soils are depleted of nutrients and are becoming infertile,” says Silva Prasad Rao Carbon Masters fertilizer head“due to many years overuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides as well insufficient addition of organic matter. Using Carbonlites bio-enriched organic manure will provide useful nutrients to restore soil health and fertility helping farmers grow healthier crops.

“This initiative will provide farmers with an opportunity to grow healthy premium quality vegetables so that we, in turn, can then better serve our urban customers,” says Pradeep PS, Founder of Farmers Fresh Zone.

Nagaraja Prakasam, who sits on both companies' boards, said “this collaboration underlines the circular economy. Food “waste” is converted to renewable fuel and organic fertilizer in Carbon Masters plants. This fertilizer can then help farmers grow healthier premium quality vegetables that Famers Fresh Zone can then provide directly to consumers. It’s a real win-win”.

“My portfolio Saahaas Zero Waste is already providing organic waste to Carbon Masters, Carbon Lite fertilizer going to Farmers Fresh Zone farmers, completing the circle and providing a great example of Circular Economy- Organic waste to Safe food”

The MOU was signed in IIM Bangalore under what is now commonly known as the “Naga tree” a place where Naga mentors start-ups from NSRCSEL,IIMB Bangalore.