It’s impossible for a business to survive if the customers are not happy with the product neither satisfied with the service. Which is why we at Farmers Fresh Zone, constantly strive towards developing products liked by everyone and work towards maintaining good relations with our customers, because for us every customer matters and we never compromise on quality! The principles of this agri-tech startup resonate with our employees, it’s like a synchronized machine churning out nothing but the best. We’re really proud of, the way our company is growing at an exponential rate, and yet lever lack in maintaining our customer relations. Doing this requires immense experience, abstract knowledge and we do have someone who fits the shoes perfectly - Mr. Jagadhesh our Customer Support Lead!

Hailing from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Jagadhesh has vast experience in Business Processing Outsourcing and Customer service and has worked for numerous well-established firms. It was early this year when he recently shifted to Kerala and was looking for a job that Farmers Fresh Zone piqued his interest. At that time Farmers FZ was also expanding and was looking for experienced professionals who would be able to handle the pressure of a growing startup. With his experience and intellect, Jagadhesh was hired in an instant as the Customer Support Lead for Farmers Fresh Zone. If you ask a person to describe Jagadhesh smart, composed and timid would be the adjectives used. But behind the calm stature lies a plethora of experience in customer relations. Boasting an experience of almost 10 years, Mr. Jagadhesh makes the mammoth task of handling the customers of a rapidly expanding agri-tech startup look like a piece of cake!

Mr. Jagadhesh employs his skill and experience which lets him preside over the inbound and outbound process. With a well-versed, up-to-date, and malleable customer care team at his disposal Farmers Fresh Zone is able to deliver the best customer service and ensure customer satisfaction. What’s shocking is the fact that in spite of all the optimizations Jadadeesan has made in this company he is a complete stranger to the food industry. Inspite of the shortcomings, he quickly grasped everything in a short span of time and sprung into action, in no time.

With our latest feature update “WhatsApp ordering”, Mr. Jagadhesh is busy working to make it better for our customers. He may be busy but he always makes time for our beloved customers, that’s the man our Customer Support Lead is, Mr. Jagadhesh!

I have over 10 years of experience and I have never seen a company that trusts it’s employees so much, gives freedom to make their own decisions, and refrains from unethical marketing techniques. It instills a sense of pride and happiness when I realize that I am a part of an ethical company that refrains from misleading their customers, offers genuine products that are safe-to-eat and pesticide-free.”