The most exciting thing about a startup is the volatility in its operations. The hustle & bustle of employees, information & brainstorming sessions is almost similar to an adrenaline rush. Employees always have to be on their toes since one cannot anticipate what might happen next. Farmers Fresh Zone has its own share of challenges & since we’re an agri-tech startup they only seem to increase with our popularity among our customers. But this has an unexpected advantage, our employees gradually inhibit the trait of malleability & a single employee is able to handle & carry out tasks across a wide spectrum & our beloved Alex George is one such employee.

Alex, who is currently working under our Supply Chain Management department has been a part of Farmers Fresh Zone since its early stages. Having witnessed ups and downs of the startup firsthand, Alex knows how exciting the journey was & how promising the journey will turn out to be. He has played numerous roles in the organization including, Regional Centre Manager, City Manager & DC Manager, as of now Alex is working with Farmers Fresh Zone as the Supply Chain Department incharge. He is one of the few employees that have amazing grasping power which allows him to fit into any type of role across the company.

Over a course of time, Alex has been growing with the company in terms of experience & potential.  He has witnessed the company go from just 30 orders daily to clocking over 300 orders per day. Alex has also been working along with an experienced team that has been a part of numerous successful startups like Uber, Reliance, Big Basket, Swiggy & Licious. Farmers Fresh Zone is glad to be able to groom & recruit a gem of an employee like Alex. Our customers can thank Alex, who’s job is to ensure that the freshest, pesticide-free products are delivered as soon as possible to countless doorsteps since our supply chain department is the heart & soul of the company & Alex in charge of it.

“Rather than experience, talent is a priority at Farmers Fresh Zone. It’s a great place to prove yourself & we have the freedom to think outside the box & implement our ideas, which makes work more exciting.”

                                       - Alex George, Supply Chain Incharge at Farmers Fresh Zone