You would be already feeling the wrath of the summer heat when stepping out of your house. During this season it is important not just to rely on the chilling drink to beat the heat, but also to concentrate on a healthy diet as well. There are many summer vegetables that can be consumed to reduce the body heat as well as beat the scorching heat. Let us take a look at some of the vegetables that you should consider adding to your diet this season.

1) Cucumber: It is believed that cucumber consists of 96% of water content which helps in keeping the body hydrated and regulates body temperature. This super-cool veggie is loaded with nutrients like potassium, magnesium, and fibre. Due to high water content, it helps in flushing away toxins from the digestive system and hence aids digestion. They are low in calories and an ideal healthy summer vegetable.

2) Tomato: This wholesome vegetable is regarded as a hero when it comes to tackling summer heat. Consuming raw tomatoes during summers is beneficial as it helps you to stay hydrated since it has about 95% of water content. It is also rich in antioxidants like lycopene and is loaded with nutrients like potassium, Vitamin C and magnesium. Stay hydrated and healthy by consuming them raw in salads or in juices.

3) Snake Gourd: Considered as an ideal vegetable to consume this season, Snake gourd gives a cooling effect to your body and stimulates the production of body fluids and relieves dryness. It also has beneficial factors as the juice from the leaves is useful for heart disorders like palpitation.

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4) Pumpkin: It possesses great cooling and diuretic properties. This vegetable is also good for improper digestion and helps in removing intestinal worms from the digestive system. It contains valuable nutrients like fibre and potassium and helps in controlling blood pressure and sugar and curing skin diseases. It is advisable for readers who are suffering from diabetes to include pumpkin in their diet.

5) Bottle Gourd: This nutritious vegetable is mostly made of water and helps you deal with scorching heat outside. This vegetable is ideal for curing stomach problems like acidity which is common during summer.

6) Lemon: Considered as the healthiest, juiciest and coolest summer staple, this vegetable can be used in salads, juice, and desserts. They are good for the stomach and aids in weight loss. The super beneficial vegetable is rich in calcium, Vitamin C and folate and works well on high blood pressure, keeps your heart healthy and an excellent blood purifier.

7) Green leafy vegetables: These leafy vegetables are ideal for summers as they have high water content, rich in folates and are very light on the stomach. They are also loaded with minerals like calcium and iron. Leafy vegetables such as spinach and mint can be consumed in the form of soups, salads, and juice.

8) Bitter Gourd: For many of you, this vegetable may not be on your favourites list, but this vegetable is loaded with nutritional benefits like calcium, Vitamin C, iron, and potassium. According to a study, bitter gourd juice has proved beneficial in treating various ailments of the stomach and heart. It is also beneficial for people who have diabetes as it helps in controlling sugar levels.

  1. Ladies Finger (Okra): Considered as one of the healthiest, ladies finger or okra has numerous health benefits and are also light on the stomach. This nutritious vegetable is low in calories and loaded with dietary fibre content. According to Healthline, a popular website provider on health information says that there have been studies done to test how beneficial the vegetable is in improving blood sugar levels.

Stay healthy and hydrated this summer by including these super-beneficial vegetables to your diet. You can now shop for pesticide-free nutritious fruits and vegetables from Farmers Fresh Zone, your online and offline store for locally sourced products.