A bowl full of vegetables lies in front of you, waiting to be gulped down. So, you’ve finally decided to eat healthy & the bowl in front of you is the manifestation of your wishful thinking. As you proceed to eat your bowl of veggies, you read a headline in front of you “Facts about vegetables that’ll make you go 😲” , the bowl is kept aside & your curious mind is now engrossed....

Here are facts about vegetables that’ll make you go 😲!

Radish in the wallet!

Radishes were paid as wages to ancient Egyptian labourers who built the pyramids!

Potatoes in space!

Potatoes were the first food to be grown in space. In the year 1996, potato plants were taken into space on the Columbia space shuttle.

Turn up the Beet!

Dying your hair with beets is a great way to give a temporary reddish tint to your hair. No harsh chemicals, only beet!

Go nuts!

The coconut is the largest seed in the world! Plus they're really healthy, delicious & a versatile ingredient to work with.