One of the healthiest and easiest ways to lose weight is by including fiber-rich fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fiber-rich vegetables and fruits are healthy, nutritious and are considered the best foods to ease constipation, diabetes, bowel cancer, and other digestive problems. Let us look at some of the fiber-rich foods that would help you in losing weight:

1) Green Peas: A cup of green peas contains about 9 gm of fiber. It also includes other nutrients like Vitamin A and C, potassium, calcium and magnesium. A study says that peas have potential effects on glucose and weight control. Adding green peas to your diet helps in reducing weight as well as reducing glycemia.

2) Okra (Ladyfinger): Including okra in your meal regularly helps in reducing weight and also keeps you full for a very long time. According to a study, 100 gm of okra contains 3.2 gm of dietary fiber. It is also loaded with other nutrients that help improve digestion, the body’s metabolism, and muscle strength.

3) Carrots: This crunchy vegetable is a good source of carotene, potassium, vitamin K and antioxidant nutrients. These antioxidants not only help in reducing weight but also help in decreasing the risk of heart of ocular disease. They are also good for your eyes as they are rich in Vitamin A. So, include this vegetable to your diet to reap on many health benefits.

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4) Broccoli: This wholesome vegetable is regarded as the most important vegetables that help you in losing weight as it contains high fiber content. Consuming an adequate amount of broccoli lowers the level of visceral fat, prevents constipation and curbs overeating. A 100 gm of broccoli contains 2.6 gm of dietary fiber.

5) Green Beans: A 100 gm of green beans contains 2.7 gm of dietary fiber. Green beans are low in calories and a good source of vitamin C, folate, copper and silicon which helps you to reduce weight. The compounds present in this vegetable decrease the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and colon cancer. It also boosts your immune system and helps fight against infections.

6) Guava: This nutritious fruit is high in dietary fiber and consuming them will help you in losing weight. Other than fiber, guava contains antioxidants for free radical elimination, Vitamin C for immunity and potassium for heart protection. Being highly nutritious and low in calories, guava is a weight-loss-friendly fruit.

7) Spinach: This leafy vegetable is high in dietary fiber and consuming them will help you in losing weight. Apart from helping to lose weight, spinach is best for bones, muscles, and heart due to the presence of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B2, iron, magnesium, and vitamin K.

8) Sweet Potato: This highly nutritious vegetable aids in losing weight as it is very high in dietary fiber. Apart from helping to lose weight, sweet potato helps promote gut health and enhances brain and ocular function. It is also loaded with many minerals and vitamins like calcium, vitamin A and C, selenium.

These are some of the fiber-rich foods that you should consume if you are planning to lose weight. This article is meant to give you general health and nutrition information. Before you make changes in your diet, it is always important to consult a dietician to ensure that your diet meets your nutritional and overall needs.

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