Do you experience pain in the chest after every meal you have? Or do you feel discomfort or uncomfortable burning sensation in the throat after you wake up? If you are facing these problems regularly it means you are the victim of heartburn which can be very discomforting at times. While heartburn is common in the general population, it is common among pregnant women.

One of the major causes of heartburn is the consumption of soft drink and carbonated beverages. According to a study, soft drinks are one of the major causes of nighttime heartburns. It is advisable to gulp down a glass of water or protein shake rather than a glass of soda. Though considered as healthy and nutritious, it is surprising to read that grapefruit and orange can cause heartburn.  According to a study, drinking pure citrus juice can trigger heartburn.

Although known to soothe your digestive system, mint can trigger heartburn. So, if you have the habit to chew on some mint, it is advisable to stop eating mint if you don’t want heartburn to occur. Deep-fried foods or highly fatty foods can also trigger heartburn. But, if you want to consume fatty foods, then you can go for healthy fats like coconut oil and omega-3 rich foods. These foods can heal your gut and helps in better bowel movement.

As per a study, consuming raw onions can trigger heartburn. It is said so because onions are rich sources of fermentable fibre, which may cause belching and trigger heartburn. You might have noticed that consuming an excess of alcohol can cause heartburn. So, the next time you plan to binge drinking, be prepared to face the consequences. You can instead go for a glass of wine to relax and enjoy your night.

Consuming too much of coffee can also trigger heartburn as it contains high caffeine. The best you can do is minimize the intake of coffee drinking and also try to opt for unsweetened coffee. A common cause of heartburn is consuming too much of spicy food. Spicy food slows the rate of digestion, causing the food to stay in the stomach for a longer time and increasing the risk of heartburn.

To conclude, heartburn is one common symptom which is overlooked by many people. The food that you are consuming might trigger heartburn, so in order to get relief from this discomfort; it is always advisable to consult your doctor before making any changes in your diet. Include foods such as ginger, bananas, lemons, oatmeal, grains, and potatoes to get relief from heartburn.