Psst! Psst! If you’re reading this, it’s a sign from the universe to start eating more fruits & read more blogs like these that’ll help you lead a healthy life. Great! Now that we have your attention, keep reading the blog for enlightenment!

The fact that monkeys eat more fruits than a modern human is probably the only thing that sets the primates apart from us, which might not be a good thing, per se. Jokes aside, as time progressed, life started getting busier & we distanced ourselves from healthy diets which ultimately led to a drop in the average health of the population.

Start your day with a breakfast that includes fresh fruit, replace your usual snack with a “Fruit-On-The-Go” & watch yourself unfurl a healthier you. Grab the freshest fruits here & we’ll deliver them to your doorstep!

Next time you see a monkey, don’t forget to wink 😆