So you just finished watching your favorite action movie, but something’s off. After watching the chiseled body & bulky biceps on the screen you’re now fired up to eat healthy, follow a diet & achieve your goals. You set out with a plan to make the “reel life” a “real life”. But here’s the sad part of your fairy tale, most of the “Healthy Food” isn’t actually healthy. Here’s why..

A person selling fruits & vegetables hardly cares about the freshness & quality of the produce. As long as fruits & vegetables “Look” fresh (which can be achieved by chemical means), life’s good for the vendor. Moreover, the rampant use of pesticides degrades the quality of the product even further. If that doesn’t raise your eyebrows here’s another thing, almost 90% of fruits & vegetables lose their nutritional value during transportation itself.

A diet consisting of “Fresh” & “Toxic-free” fruits & vegetables is what “Healthy Food” actually looks like. It’s time you make a conscious lifestyle change: Eat healthy now, for a “Healthier” tomorrow!

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