Kidneys play an important role in the overall health of our bodies. The kidneys flush out waste from the blood and send them out of the body. Following a kidney-healthy diet plan may help the kidneys function properly and prevent any damages. Read on to know the vegetables that can help your kidneys function properly.

1) Cabbage: This wholesome vegetable is free of potassium which is beneficial for your liver and kidneys. This cruciferous vegetable is rich in phytochemicals that help in fighting against the free radicals that cause chronic diseases like cancer. Cabbages also contain essential nutrients like fibre, Vitamin B6, K and C, and folic acid. This makes cabbage a perfect addition to a kidney-friendly diet.

2) Garlic: This root vegetable is used in cooking or can be eaten raw. It promotes    overall kidney health due to its amazing diuretic properties. It aids in removing excess water and sodium from your body by forcing the kidneys to flush out the sodium through urine. This root vegetable also has the power to reduce inflammation, fight infection, cleanse the body and lowers cholesterol.

3) Peas and Green Beans: These vegetables are low in potassium and are an excellent source of fibre. Fibre is necessary for keeping the blood sugar levels stable which is important for managing and preventing excess weight gain and diabetes, which is a leading cause of kidney disease.

4) Cauliflower: It is another cruciferous vegetable that is an excellent addition to your kidney-friendly diet. It consists of folic acid and fibre which cleanses as well as strengthens the kidneys. It is a low-potassium vegetable that can be      consumed by people with chronic kidney disease.

5) Spinach: It is an excellent source of Vitamin A which is required for the      production of healthy epithelial tissue, which lines the small filtration tubes within the kidneys and urinary tract. The function of these tissues includes secretion, selective absorption, protection, transcellular transport, and sensing. Spinach also contains beta-carotene which is important for boosting your immune system and protecting your eyes.

6) Sweet Potato: These super spuds are packed with beta-carotene and are an excellent source of Vitamin A and C. Sweet potatoes are also a good source of      Vitamin B6 and potassium that may help balance the level of sodium in the      body and reduce its effect on the kidneys.

These are some of the kidney-friendly veggies that you should consume on a regular basis so that your kidneys stay healthy. This article is meant to offer general health information. Before you make changes in your diet, it is always important to consult your doctor, a dietician to ensure that your diet meets your nutritional and overall needs. For fresh and safe to eat fruits and vegetables, visit Farmers Fresh Zone, your online store for locally sourced vegetables

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