When we consider the current world scenario, where the youth is running helter-skelter to get into good colleges & ultimately secure good jobs it would be considered blasphemous to consider farming as a full-time occupation. But that’s the beauty of our country where the youth inclines toward something off the books & start innovating. When we talk about our young farmer Mr C. Prakash, the case is somewhat similar to the above summary.

On his ample 5 acre land in Nagoor, Tamil Nadu, a young 25-year-old Prakash used to cultivate a single crop at a time which ranged from Tomatoes, Chillies, Bottle gourds, Okra(Ladies Finger) & Coriander. This approach is pretty common when it comes to traditional farming practices, but it lacks feasibility since the demand & supply factor is not taken into consideration. It was somewhere during the lockdown last year when Prakash was on boarded as a supplier with Farmers Fresh Zone. He started off small but gradually the quality & quantity of the produce outsourced from Prakash started increasing. After realizing his potential as a talented farmer we requested Prakash to supply us with “Sambar Cucumbers” during the off-season. The reason behind it was the high demand & low availability of the vegetable & upon requesting, Prakash immediately agreed to our request & delivered the best product and that too during the off-season. This experiment turned out to be profitable to the farmer & Farmers Fresh Zone was able to meet the demand for the product as well.

Something similar happened with the case of leafy vegetables when we asked him for leafy vegetables, Prakash seemed rather disinterested. Upon further investigation, we realized that it was the lack of information that prevented him from cultivating Leafy Vegetables. The supply chain & order procurement team from Farmers Fresh Zone provided Prakash tools & information regarding the cultivation of leafy vegetables. Now, Prakash’s interest in cultivating Leafy Greens has piqued & he now readily accepts bulk orders of leafy vegetables from Farmers Fresh Zone.

If a product is readily available in the market it brings down the price of the product considerably & we demonstrated it to Prakash with our experiment and he has been constantly on his toes ever since. He is always ready to collaborate, brainstorm with us & do things that are slightly unconventional which makes the process a whole lot interesting for both sides.

When we look at Prakash now, he has grown tremendously as an individual. From cultivating a single crop to dividing his land to cultivate a wide variety of crops & experimenting with different products & crop patterns, Prakash has proved himself to be the literal personification of metamorphosis.

Farmers Fresh Zone is proud to set up a business model that benefits countless farmers like Prakash & helps them participate in fair business, ultimately changing their lives for good by helping them improve their income.