Kozhinjapara is a small village located in Palakkad district, Kerala. This farming village lies very close to the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border. Like Vattavada, farming is the main occupation of the people residing in Kozhinjapara. Vegetables like pumpkin, cucumber, ladyfinger, ash gourd, tomato, brinjal, spinach, gooseberry, ivy gourd are harvested on a large-scale production.

Post-harvest, these high-quality vegetables are sold to nearby markets as there are many markets in this farming village where farmers can sell their produce and get a better yield for their produce.  There is a dedicated area in the village where vegetables are auctioned and buyers from the nearby markets get to buy the products decided at the auction.

Farmers Fresh Zone helps the farmers get better value for their yield. The organization helps the farmers follow Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) so that their produces are safe to eat for the customers. The organization assures weekly increment to these farmers thus uplifting their morale and encouraging them to follow good agricultural practices.

From left to right:P Dharuni, who grows coconut and chillies; G Maheshkumar, who grows snake gourd and chillies; N Aruswami, N Ramaswami, who grows pumpkin, ash gourd and cucumber; Vadakkunadha Swami, who grows tomato and beans

One of the team members of Farmers Fresh Zone had interviewed a farmer from there. During the interview, he asked one of the farmers that despite getting a low price for his produce, why they are harvesting on a large-scale. The reply was they can’t stop farming altogether as farming is the only source of income and they wait for the right time for the prices to get high.

Farmers Fresh Zone’s pricing model has benefited the farmers of Kozhinjapara just like in Vattavada in Munnar. Being a farming promoting company, the pricing model has proved beneficial for the farmers of Kozhinjapara. Despite getting a low price for their produce, the farmers are still continuing to produce on a large-scale hoping that the price for his produce would increase in the near future.