When you start reading about the history of how a particular ingredient landed up in our kitchen, it’s actually fascinating. The way how Human activities influence our eating habits & how society accepts a particular ingredient & makes it, it’s own is truly mesmerizing. Pomegranate is a fruit that is commonly found all across the country but this fruit which was probably of Persian origin. Eventually, due to trade & human activity across the globe people across the Mediterranean, Arabia, Afghanistan, India & China. Documents suggest that the fruit originated in the region that extends from Iran to Northern India. Today we dive deep into the benefits of a refreshing fruit known as Pomegranate!

The word Pomegranate is derived from the Latin term “Pomum granatum” which literally means an apple that has many grains & seeds. This exotic fruit has been the crowd favourite since the Egyptian era. The fruit doesn’t seem interesting when you look at it, but after getting rid of the hard, inedible outer layer there are hundreds of edible, red seeds that seem like small rubies. The edible part of the fruit, which are the seeds can be eaten as it is or used in various dishes as a garnish or processed into a refreshing juice.

Since the discovery of Pomegranate, people have found out numerous health benefits associated with the fruit. This fruit is packed with nutrients like fiber, protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Folate & Potassium, all of which are essential for carrying out our daily bodily functions. Pomegranates also contain powerful plant compounds like “Punicalagins” & “Punicic Acid”. Punicalagins are extremely potent antioxidants & Punicic acid has potential biological effects. Pomegranates are also anti-inflammatory, that relieves the body from internal inflammation. Research shows that regular consumption of Pomegranate slows cancer cell reproduction & may prevent Prostate Cancer in men. Pomegranates are also known as “Aphrodisiacs” which help in boosting sexual health. This fruit can have upto three times more antioxidants than green tea or red wine & it protects the heart by lowering blood pressure & reducing blood sugar levels.

Although peeling it and sorting out the seeds is a task, the benefits of consuming Pomegranates are innumerable. The sheer versatility & the uniquely refreshing taste of the fruit makes it a crowd favorite. Peel it, eat it as it is or make yourself in a refreshing Pomegranate juice, no matter how you consume this fruit it's bound to leave you feeling healthy & refreshed!

Check out this super-quick & healthy Cucumber and Pomegranate recipe that will leave you feeling full & refreshed! Use only the best ingredients for your cooking, get pesticide-free Cucumber & Pomegranate delivered at your doorstep, only from Farmers Fresh Zone. Tap here for Pomegranate & Tap here for Cucumber.

You will need:

  1. Fresh, peeled Pomegranate & chopped Cucumber.
  2. Juice of Half Lemon. (Tap here to get pesticide-free lemons)
  3. A handful of chopped mint leaves. (Tap here to get pesticide-free mint)
  4. Salt & pepper to taste.

Let’s Create!

1. Put the chopped Cucumber & Pomegranate in a bowl, add the chopped mint leaves & lemon juice into the bowl.

2. Mix everything together & then add salt & pepper as per your preference.

3. Your refreshing Cucumber & Pomegranate salad is ready to eat!

4. Consume immediately or refrigerate it for future consumption.