We live in a world that houses seven billion people & a never-ending stream of knowledge. This peculiar situation gives rise to countless opinions, thoughts & views. We pick up whatever is beneficial for us or the things that we resonate with, we adopt those ideologies. One such opinion or trending ideology is the concept of a plant-based diet.

Although the topic & concept is a highly debated one, there are a few concrete facts attached to the diet that are genuinely beneficial to the human body. Starting with the basics, switching to a plant-based diet reduces the risk of contracting heart diseases. As compared to meat alternatives, a plant-based diet drastically reduces cholesterol within the body which ultimately reduces the risk of clogged arteries. The diet also aids in reducing internal inflammation which has been linked to a number of diseases like heart disease, cancer & chronic inflammatory disease. Not to forget that plant-based contain more carotenoids and flavonoids & phytonutrients that help eliminate free radicals, which can damage DNA and prompt an inflammatory response.

Maintaining a stable weight is one of the many advantages of a plant-based diet, due to its high fiber content. Research has shown that as compared to heavy meat eaters, people who are on a plant-based diet are able to maintain a healthy weight. Several studies have shown that sticking with a plant-based diet can reduce blood pressure, thereby reducing your risk for those conditions. A meta-analysis published in April 2014 in JAMA Internal Medicine explored data from 39 studies and concluded that people who followed a vegetarian diet had lower blood pressure on average than those who followed omnivorous diets, meaning those including plants and meat. In addition to this, research has shown that consuming more vegetables & fruits also aids in controlling & reducing diabetes efficiently.

You don’t really have to quit eating meat or switch to a completely plant-based diet to stay healthy, just remember to have a balanced diet. Always remember that consuming vegetables & fruits on a regular basis is much beneficial to your health than consuming meat regularly. Farmers Fresh Zone is your one-stop-shop for pesticide-free & farm-fresh fruits & vegetables, choose from a wide range of 100% toxic-free products and get them delivered to your doorstep.

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