In the wake of COVID-19 outbreak, and with the world around us going in complete lockdown, the government around the world has requested people to stay indoors to avoid virus being spread. Majority of the offices are encouraging their employees to work from home as this the time to stay safe and take care of your health. But work from home does have a negative impact on our body as constant sitting at one place can have ill-effects on your body.

In this article, you can know more about the side effects of constant sitting and how it impacts your body. Sitting for too long in front of your laptop or television slows down calorie burning. While sitting for prolong hours, we tend to burn less calories and when you are standing, you can burn 300 more calories each day.  Burning of fewer calories leads to unwanted weight gain. You tend to gain weight faster as your cells become fattier.

Sitting for prolonged hours in front of your system can make your bones weak. Anything that can get you going on your feet has been proven beneficial for your bones. The chances of brittle bones are high if you do not get enough physical exercise. Your immune system may not work well if you are a couch potato. Lack of exercise can make your immune system weak and can stop functioning properly. Exercise can boost your immune system by strengthening the cells and prevents viruses from attacking the body.

The health risk of sitting in front of the system for prolonged hours can be a major cause for that niggling back pain. Sitting for long hours can cause damage to your spine and can lead to back injuries. Extensive sitting also slows down blood circulation which can lead to swollen ankle and can damage your veins.

According to a study, sitting for long hours and working can cause heart disease. The risk of heart disease and stroke increases if there is lack of exercise and sitting at office desk or in front of the computer can pose similar risk, leading to an unhealthy influence on your blood sugar and blood fats.

Ways to Fight the Sitting Disease

Amidst the crisis, it is inevitable that you stay indoors; the usual morning jog or hitting the gym is out of question now. However you can do these in the quarantine times to avoid any risks as mentioned above.

Stretch, turn and bend: Doing these simple exercises while working from home can prove beneficial. Getting your body moving more often prevents the muscle from cramping. Performing this activity 6-7 times a day will definitely help fight the sitting disease.

Walk and Talk: While talking to your teammates through the phone, skin sitting at the table and walk around the room.

On a final note, sitting is not at all bad, but sitting for long hours can invite unwanted diseases like kidney, lungs, heart and liver diseases. Other health conditions like obesity, high blood sugar and cholesterol can also happen. When you sit for a longer time in front of your computer, your body uses less energy and thus leads to number of health concerns.