Can you even call it a beach day if you haven’t sipped fresh coconut water, chilling under a sunbed with your glares on? Beach, tropic & coconuts are an indispensable part of an experience but that’s not all the “Kalpravruksha” has to offer. Coconuts have always been known as one of the healthiest food on the planet, from its water to its pulp, every part of this fruit has a long list of health benefits & we are here to reveal all of them to you.

What is a Tender Coconut?

The young fruit of the Coconut tree can be called a Tender coconut. They come in various shades of green & contain relatively higher amounts of water. Tender coconuts are extremely beneficial for our health and the water is considered to be a natural energy replenisher. Tender coconuts have soft meat as compared to the hard meat of a fully mature coconut.

What are the Health Benefits of a Tender Coconut?

Tender coconut water contains numerous essential nutrients & delivers them in an easy-to-consume liquid form. This property makes tender coconuts a crowd favorite since its easy to consume & really tasty too! The health benefits of Tender Coconut are further explained below

1.) Tender coconuts are a rich source of vitamins, minerals & electrolytes, they help your body to feel energized during a hot summer day.

2.) Coconut water is 95% water & very little fat, this makes tender coconut water an ideal addition to a healthy diet.

3.) One cup (230ml) of tender coconut water contains 60 calories, 15g of Sugar, 4% Calcium of the RDI (recommended daily intake), 4% RDI of Magnesium, 2% RDI of Phosphorus & 15% RDI of Potassium.

4.) Tender Coconut water contains antioxidants that help in eliminating free radicles within the body & eliminate the risk of contracting deadly diseases.

5.) Drinking fluids is the easiest way to prevent kidney stones & consuming coconut water daily can nourish you & lower the risk of kidney stones as well.

6.) Tender coconut helps you detoxify your body by getting rid of toxins present in your blood.

Apart from these benefits adding tender coconut to your diet is known to support heart health, keep cholesterol levels in check, reduce inflammation & also aid in weight loss. This blog is a sign for you to head out, grab a tender coconut & sip the fresh goodnes and be on track to a healthy lifestyle.

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