Unlike the “Invest now, get double tomorrow” schemes that sound too good to be true (and are as real as elves & unicorns) the phrase “Eat More & Lose Weight” might actually be doable, here’s how!

Imagine this, you have a bowl of chips in your hand, you’re watching a jungle documentary & you’re wondering about the secret behind a Gorilla’s strength or a deer’s agility. But what you don’t think about is that these animals don’t eat chips (what a sight that would be!) rather, their diet comprises of stuff we try to avoid, mainly fresh fruits & vegetables. Research has proved that including fresh fruits & vegetables in your diet not only helps you lose weight but also ensures optimal health. Moreover, fruits & vegetables are low in calories & high in fibre which means you’ll end up feeling full, for longer & consume fewer calories at the same time.

Next time you sit & wonder about the secret behind animals and their abilities, look down into your bowl of chips, it’s time you replace it with a healthier alternative.