“AAChhhoooooo..!”, its that one nasty sneeze that resonates especially with monsoon that readies many of us accept our fate as we welcome the monsoon. Getting down with cold, fever & sicknesses alike is an “integral” part of the monsoon but is that really necessary? After bearing through the scorching heat all summer, the drizzle of delicate monsoon should be enjoyed rather than to be feared. Monsoons are meant to be enjoyed, care-free & intimately & falling sick during monsoon is due to a compromised immune system and all you have to do is fix it. We’re here to fix your diet that will help you boost your immunity during monsoon & let you enjoy the season to your heart's content. Adding seasonal produce along with fruits & vegetables that contain immunity-boosting properties can help you boost your immunity during monsoon. Here are five tips on how to boost your immunity during monsoon.

Add some Vitamin C to your diet

Research has shown the direct link between the immune system with Vitamin C & is recommended to consume fruits and vegetables that contain Vitamin C in order to boost immunity. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant & it contributes to developing the immune system by supporting various cellular functions. Studies have shown a direct correlation between low Vitamin C levels & a higher susceptibility to infection. Adding foods like Tomato, Lemon, Bell Peppers, Broccoli & Leafy Greens to your diet can maximize your Vitamin C intake. Looking for fresh fruits & vegetables during monsoon? tap here for more information

Missing the sunshine?

The cloudy weather & absence of sunlight means you need to include extra Vitamin D in your diet. Adding foods like Kale, Spinach, Mushrooms & Oranges to your diet can boost your vitamin D levels and keep sickness at bay

Avoid the JUNK!

It might seem difficult to avoid eating junk especially fried foods during the monsoon but we recommend considering the hygiene factor before you choose to indulge. Monsoon brings a long list of hygiene concerns avoiding which can complicate your health. Chronic illnesses that spread through contaminated food rise during monsoons so it is better to avoid eating from places that do not follow food safety regulations.

Omega to the rescue

Eating fruits, vegetables, or seeds that contain omega-3 fatty acids can contribute directly to developing & strengthening your immune system. The compound helps in activating white blood cells within the body that help in warding off harmful bacteria, viruses & unwanted pathogens within the body. Foods like chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts, etc are some of the commonly found sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Don’t forget the protein

There are a lot of studies that prove the correlation between protein consumption & an improvement in overall health. Make sure you are consuming enough protein from either plant-based sources like lentils or animal protein like chicken, dairy, or eggs.

Incorporating these easy lifestyle changes into your diet can significantly strengthen your immune system & let you enjoy the monsoon without the “achoooo”. It’s time to enjoy the showers like you should without worrying about that nasty cold or that persistent fever. Make sure you recommend these lifestyle changes to your friends and family as well so that you enjoy the monsoon together, with the people you love!