Farmers are undoubtedly the backbone of a country since they produce the most essential commodities that nourish and provide the energy needed for the rest of the population to thrive. If one could personify the words Humble, Hardwork & Selfless a farmer would manifest in your mind. In spite of all the hardships, a farmer still chooses to continue with this back-breaking occupation, for which each and everybody should respect these humble beings. Today, on the occasion of Farmer’s Day, let us change your perception and show you the world of a Farmer.

Farmers Fresh Zone as a company sources its products from local farmers, which means we can get up close and personal with our Farmers. Today, we share an insight into the lives of one of our Farmer friends. Meet Mr. Muthumanikkam, a Farmer & an associate of Farmers Fresh Zone. Muthu hails from Kumarapalayam, Tamil Nadu,  a state which is known for its massive production of fruits & vegetables.

Muthu also happens to be a fruit & vegetable cultivator. On his sprawling 2.5 acre farm, he cultivates Tomatoes, Undamulak(Capsicum), Nendran, Brinjal, Palayangodan(A GI tagged strain of Banana) & Njali Poovan (Small banana). To a common eye, it may seem like back-breaking work & undoubtedly it is! But Muthu says he's glad that he is a farmer. Although the occupation is labor-intensive, the feeling of being one with nature and watching his crops grow is a bliss, says Muthu. He also shares his personal experience regarding the hardships faced by farmers in selling their produce. Previously, the supply chain was one-sided & farmers were blatantly treated unfairly. Eventually, Farmers Fresh Zone intercepted the market & brought along the concept of safe-to-eat produce & offered fair prices.

Muthu says that the situation has improved a lot, thanks to the fair prices offered by  FarmersFZ. At present Muthu, along with numerous other farmers deposit their safe-to-eat and pesticide-free produce, into our collection centers. From there on, orders are segregated, packed & sent out for delivery, as per our company standards. This entire process needs to be completed within 16 hours & we thank Muthumannikam and other farmers like him to make this seemingly impossible task seem like a routine.

There are many farmers like Muthu, who work day & night to ensure that our stomachs are full. This Farmer’s Day, take an oath to support farmers & emphasize with them, your one small decision of switching to Farmers Fresh Zone can impact the lives of numerous farmers & help us achieve our vision of stabilizing the incomes of our farmers.

Farmers Fresh Zone has come into our lives like a boon, our earnings are much better than before, we’re treated fairly & with immense respect. I am glad to be a part of FFZ & I have also recommended a lot of other farmers to be a part of this agri-tech startup.”  

                             - Mr. Mutthumanikkam, A Farmer & a part of our family.