This popular question has been around for quite some time & for some reason, the concept of a “Healthy Diet” has been complicated. You see, setting up a healthy diet plan chart is not a difficult task at all, in fact, all you have to do is understand the basics. After that, you’ll be able to come up with a healthy diet plan that’ll suit your lifestyle.

A diet for a healthy body can be described as “balanced” meaning a combination of fruits, vegetables & something for energy like carbohydrates or protein. If you wonder, “Why are fruits & vegetables important for a healthy diet?” the answer is simple- it’s because they provide a wide range of nutrients at relatively fewer calories.

A major percentage of our nutrition is provided by fruits & vegetables, they contain a wide range of powerful plant compounds that are essential for the growth & development of our body. Not only that, the chemicals present within fresh fruits & vegetables are responsible for numerous factors, including our health. Research has consistently shown that a healthy diet consists of a diet rich in healthy fruits & vegetables. Our bodies cannot produce certain essential chemical compounds & hence we have to rely on external sources to replenish these compounds. Fruits & vegetables come into play here by nourishing our bodies with a wide range of nutrients.

Forming a healthy diet chart starts with understanding the basics first. You need to understand your own lifestyle first, it’s only after this will you be able to form a healthy diet plan that will complement your lifestyle. Once you’ve got an idea about your lifestyle, start looking for healthy food that will be easy to fit into this routine of yours. You can start by searching for healthy fruits & vegetables that are easily available in your area. Next comes, forming a diet chart by combining your lifestyle & ingredients. Start by planning your meals ahead of time, prepping the ingredients & setting up a healthy diet plan for the day. This way, with just a few hours of prepping & planning, your healthy diet plan for the day is set!

Here’s an in-depth look into the benefits of consuming fruits & vegetables:

  1. More nutrition, Few Calories:

    It’s a well-known fact that a healthy diet HAS to include fruits & vegetables. The most popular reason is the fact that they provide almost all essential nutrients necessary for the growth of our body at relatively fewer or negligible calories. This nourishes our body all while eliminating the chances of gaining fat. “A healthy diet is full of fresh fruits & vegetables!”

2. One-stop shop for vitamins, minerals &...

The second reason why your healthy diet chart should be full of fruits & vegetables is because they’re packed with essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & other powerful plant compounds all of which are crucial for our daily bodily activities. Vitamin C is an essential life-sustaining plant compound that is responsible for various activities like immunity building, skin health & collagen formation. Our bodies cannot store or synthesize Vitamin C & hence we rely on external sources like fruits & vegetables for it. Thus, it goes without as to why one should include a wide range of fruits & vegetables in their healthy diet plan.

3. Healthy metabolism & digestion:

The third reason why your healthy diet chart should have fresh fruits & vegetables is because of their high fiber content. Fruits & Vegetables are undoubtedly the richest sources of fiber, a compound that aids in digestion by helping in the formation of stools. A healthy gut means a healthy body & the role of fiber in maintaining a healthy gut is a crucial one. A healthy diet is simply incomplete without fiber-rich fruits & vegetables and that’s exactly why they should be a part of your healthy diet.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should include fresh fruits & vegetables in your healthy diet plan but don’t forget the fact that without regular consumption of fresh fruits & vegetables, you just wouldn’t be able to follow a healthy diet.

Once you have a grip over a healthy diet plan chart & get used to it, it is all about consistency & determination. You see, finding a healthy diet isn’t the hard part, sticking to it is. Prepping your meals & planning ahead reduces the chance of you steering away from the diet, thus helping you keep in check & staying in line with your healthy diet plan.

There’s no drastic difference between a healthy diet for men or women, as long as your healthy diet chart has a balance of fresh fruits, vegetables, protein & carbs. Setting up a diet for a healthy body is that simple- include fruits & vegetables with your food, three times a day!