Back in the days when people were concerned about surviving through the day & making ends meet nobody really wondered about asking questions like “Where does my food come from?” or “What’s the source of my food?”. But things changed as time progressed, incomes were stabilized & a significant chunk of the population now started observing, realizing & asking questions- especially about the food. The food industry is perhaps one of the most controversial sectors & the recent consumer-corporate interaction has brought out well-deserved truth about the dark side of this industry.

Where does my food come from?
It depends on the source and it's not that hard to understand, fruits & vegetables grow on farms, animals are reared & fish comes from the sea. But what concerns woke consumers is how the raw material is handled before being sent out to the consumer. Sure things it might look presentable, but what’s the point if you are eating a fruit that has spent 2 weeks traveling to you and lost more than 80% nutrients & the only reason it still looks good is because of chemicals? Did raise an eyebrow right? Well, that’s exactly what the problem is, we as consumers get to see only the end product but we don’t pay heed to things like source, brand, the process- the reality.

Knowing the source of the food is important
As a responsible consumer, you should make an effort to know about the source of the food you consume. This helps you get an idea about how fresh & genuine the product might be. Most of the time the fruits & vegetables you consume travel hundreds of kilometers, and exchange countless hands before they reach your table. This is why it is important to ensure that you prefer shopping from local farmers or choose a brand that sources its ingredients from local farmers. This increases the chances of you getting food that’s free from chemicals, and preservatives & you support the local farmers as well.

How it can change your choices
Knowing the source of the food you eat will change your perspective about food & you will be obliged to make a change. Here’s how knowing the source of the food can help you live a healthier & safer life:

1. Knowing the source helps you determine the freshness of an ingredient. This helps you pick foods that are fresh, local & chemical-free.

2. Being associated with a brand that provides you with answers to your question means that you picked a brand that’s transparent & trustworthy. This helps you pick an honest service provider to meet your needs.

3. Asking questions lets you get a better insight about your food. You can educate others about the same & slowly but eventually, you will be collectively tackling the issues in the food industry, resulting in a better, cleaner & transparent outcome.

4. Once you get to know the source of your food & pick the best option, you’re eliminating the risk of long-term health effects that primarily arise due to exposure to chemical residues, pesticides, and preservatives on the food.

It’s important to know the source of your food since it is something you consume every day. One can face serious long-term health issues due to consuming food that’s not ethically sourced or laden with chemicals. Hence, asking the right questions about the food you eat is the most important step towards being a part of a truly healthy lifestyle.